Everglades Fishing Report – May 26th, 2010

First thing’s first… There is NO OIL IN THE EVERGLADES, and the fishing here remains spectacular!

Everglades Snook caught while fly fishing
Everglades Snook on Fly

Today had fly fishing on the schedule, and the weather in Everglades National Park was cooperating, no wind and crystal clear water. I figured we’d take advantage of the glassy smooth conditions and head just offshore to look for permit. As I idled up to a wreck that is notorious for holding Permit I saw a curved dorsal fin flash, confirming  we had found a school. Unfortunately, they would follow the fly but wouldn’t commit to eating. After a couple of well placed casts didn’t close the deal we switched up to Tripletail and were quickly rewarded with a decent 8 pounder that ate a brown clouser minnow fly. As the day progressed we targeted Snook in the shallows. I tied on a white deceiver pattern, and ended up hooking  4 Snook that went to 24 inches. Just as I moved the boat a little farther down the shoreline over white sand bottom I saw a bruiser cruising in about 10 inches of water! A well placed cast brought on a feisty fight that ended up with this Snook posing for a photo he didn’t plan on when he headed out this morning 🙂

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