Everglades Fishing – May 9th Report

Snook from Everglades Nat'l Park FishingLots of bait translates into red hot Everglades fishing. Schools of Pilchards, one of the finest baits for everything that swims here, have moved into the area. I’ve been starting the day by throwing my cast net to load up the baitwell, which pretty much guarantees non-stop action for the day. My favorite technique is to position the boat about 30 feet from one of my secret spots and throw out a few “freebie” baits just to get the fish excited. After that it’s just a matter of adding a fishing hook and line to the baits as we throw them in.

On the falling tide today the Snook were averaging in the 28 to 34 inch range, along with a mix of slot-sized Redfish. After the tide started back in we moved out to the grass flats, and still using the Pilchards, caught some decent sized trout.

This week the weather in Everglades City has been perfect… Hot and very little wind so we’ve also been able to run offshore about 2 miles to the inshore wrecks to target Permit. We landed one that tipped the scales at 27 lbs using a live blue crab for bait.

During the Summer months the best fishing action will be had earlier in the day. So give me a call and lets join the fish for breakfast!

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Captain Glenn