Everglades Fishing Report – May 17th 2010

Snook fishing from south of Lostmans River in  Everglades National ParkDespite sunny skies the winds in Everglades City were cranking this morning. Our game plan would require that we were able to find clean water to fish that would be in “the lee” (out of the wind) of the 25 mph easterly winds…  So we decided to head south of Lostman River and fish for Snook and Redfish. Our first stop was on a shoreline that had solid oyster bottom, which is basically a fish feeding station. I rigged up our rods with light braided line, 40 pound leaders and live pilchards that I had netted first thing in the morning. First hookup was within minutes, and produced a decent sized Redfish. We continued on for the next hour catching a nice mix of Redfish and Trout.

We had to wait until later in the afternoon when the tide started falling to get into the Snook action. I setup on a small creek south of Lostmans that emptied in the Gulf. As the tide started draining the action started, and the more it flowed the more the Snook were feeding, catching several nice Snook up to 8 lbs.

The weather has been perfect for fishing in The Everglades. Be sure to give me a call well in advance to reserve your fishing charters!

Tight lines!
Capt Glenn