March 31st Fishing Report

Tarpon in the Everglades BackcountryWhen we left my dock early this morning we decide to head deep into the backcountry to fish for Snook . The conditions were clear blue skies, calm, and cool, basically a typically day for this time of year in Everglades City. I knew the Snook would be meandering around the shallow flats of the backcountry, sunning themselves, which would provide some nice sightfishing opportunities. The first spot we stopped at was a shallow water bay with a lot of cover, like branches, in the water. I’ve been finding fish here over the last few days, so it was the perfect place to start.  Within the first few minutes of working down the shoreline I saw the silver flash of a Tarpon rolling about 100 yards ahead of us. This time of year they live in the warm backcountry waters. I moved the boat to within casting range and Cory hooked up using a grey MirroLure MR20, which imitates a Mullet. As the rest of the morning went on we caught and released several Snook to 7 lbs. In addition, we headed to the grass flats were we caught some nice Trout and Pompano. With the sunny weather, forecast to be in the 80s this week, it is the perfect opportunity to spend a  day enjoying an everglades fishing charterCall or email me for available fishing dates.