May’s Outlook

 (We caught this tarpon today May 1 using  a live. Ladyfish for bait)

May is one of the best month for fishing in the Everglades , and after a mild winter Mays fishing should be red hot  . May is one of the best month for catching tarpon , this time of year is when we find big schools of fish just offshore migrating up the coast tarpon can be challenge to catch but when you hook up with one you will be in for a fight you will never forget . Snook also should be on the bite in May and since the freeze 4 years ago the snook have made a great comeback . Snook pound for pound is one of the best fighting fish that swims in the Everglades providing you with fast action and long lighting runs. The redfishing in May should remain steady like it has all year . Redfish are a lot of fun to catch and when you find them in big schools it can provide you with non stop action. May is the best time for catching trout this is the time of year when trout are spawning so they will average bigger in size and be on the bite . May is one of the busy time for fishing So don’t miss out on some great action this month give me a call and let’s go catch some fish

Thanks Capt Glenn 239-280-9085