Sharks In The Everglades? – July 22nd 2010

When you think of fishing in The Everglades many things come to mind, but typically not Sharks. Well, make no mistake about it… They’re here.

Shark fishing in the EvergladesAugust 1st is the beginning of the Discovery channel’s “Shark Week”, and although we usually don’t target them I thought it would be an appropriate time to catch (and carefully release) one with my charter customers today. We landed 3, one of which was a 150 pound Bull Shark.

What you may not realize is it’s not uncommon to see a 4 or 5 foot Shark cruise past while Everglades fishing in just a few feet of water. They’re neither shy or intimidated by my boat, quite frankly they could care less about our being here. Venturing in from deeper water the Sharks are looking for distressed or wounded fish that would make an easy meal.