Everglades Fishing – Report for April 2nd

Tripletail fishing in Everglades City
Tripletail (Lobotes surinamensis)

The weather in Everglades City is beautiful… warm, clear and calm. So when we left the dock for today’s fishing charter we decided to head 2 miles offshore to fish a couple of wrecks. On our way out we ran along a line of  crab trap buoys looking for Tripletail. About half way down one of the crab lines we spotted one hovering just below the surface, and cast a jig over to him. It took a couple of casts to get the jig to fall just past his nose, but as soon as it did he went for it and after a bit of a tussle, ended up in the cooler (they’re one of the best table fare in our waters).Continuing on, we arrived at my secret wreck site where the Sheephead, Snapper and Mackerel were on the bite. As is typical, the seabreeze kicks in after lunch so we finished up the day inshore, catching Trout and Redfish. Don’t forget… Book your fishing charter as early as possible to get the days you’d like.