Get Ready For Some Great May Action



May is my favorite month for fishing in the Everglades. May is when the tarpon fishing is in full swing. About a Mile offshore, big schools of tarpon are moving in and the fish should be plentifully, and  on the bite. Most of the tarpon we catch this time of year averages between 60 and 150 lbs. Tarpon are a challenge to catch, but once you are hooked up with one, you will be in for a fight you will never forget! May is also a great time of year for catching snook. Since the freeze a few years ago, the snook have been making a great come back. Snook, pound for pound, are one of the best fighting fish that swim in the Everglades . The best way to catch snook this time of year is to use live pilchards, or a fresh cut piece of ladyfish, that snook can’t resist .  The redfishing should also be good in May. Redfish, like snook, hang around the oyster bars and will also  feed on the same bait as snook do .  May is also the best time for catching trout. This is the time of year when trout are spawning, so they will average bigger in size and be on the bite . May is one of the busiest times for fishing. Don’t miss out on some great action! Give me a call, and let’s go catch some fish!

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