Shark Fishing Report


Today when we left my to in Everglades City my clients wanted to do some shark fishing so we  caught some live ladyfish for bait and headed down south to the Houston river where a lot of big sharks like to pass through . The best was to catch big sharks is to use a 5.0 hook ,100 lb steel leader and float  the live bait under a balloon . After about a 15 minute wait we had our first shark on ,it was a bull shark that was in the 100 lb range and after a 25 minute fight we released the fish unharmed . As the morning went on we hook several more bull sharks with a  couple nice black tip sharks mixed in . With the water temperatures in the Everglades in the upper 80’s the shark fishing has been excellent providing with some great action . If you like to get into some great action give me a call and let’s go catch some fish


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