Reds And Trout Are On The Bite

(Nice 10 lb red   Caught on today’s charter )

When we left my dock today we headed south of everglades city to fish the grass flats for some trout . As we made our first drift the trout where on the bite we scored with 8 nice trout that averaged between 3-5 lbs . After  the trout bite slowed down we decided to head into to the deep creek and fish for some redfish,  the bait we where using was a riptide jig tip with a shrimp after about 5 minutes of steady casting we finally  scored with 4 nice redfish the where in the 7 lb range and one that tip the scales at 10 lbs  . The fishing this June has been great providing us with some great action . Give me a call at let me set you up on your next fishing trip

Thanks Capt Glenn 239-280-9085