Tarpon Time

With the weather perfect today and the Tarpon starting to move in we decided to try our luck and catch one of the biggest fish that swims in the Everglades . The bait we where using was a 4 inch red bomber plug that tarpon cant resist, as we arrived at our first spot we saw several nice tarpon rolling and within in minutes we where hook up with tarpon that was in the 80 lb range and after a 10 minute fight the tarpon jumped spilt the plug and swam away . After several more hook ups we finally landed one that was in the 100 lb range and after taking a few pictures we released the fish unharmed . April and May is a prime time for catching tarpon in the Everglades so if you want to try your luck catching one of these silver kings give me a call and I  will set you up on your next Fishing adventure
Thanks Capt Glenn 239-280-9085