Summer Fishing in The Everglades – June 30th

June for me is one of the best months for fishing with the air temperatures reaching the 90’s and the water in the upper 80’ fishing in Everglades National Park is red hot . Today I was fishing with my long time client TripleTail while Everglades FishingJim Davison from Kansas City. Our plan was to head south, net some live pilchards and fish for Snook , Redfish, and whatever else would bite. We setup and started fishing our first spot, a long beach shoreline riddled with snags (blown down trees and branches in the water), which I call “Snook hotels”. Well, within just a few minutes we scored with a decent Snook that pushed 12 pounds. The action continued as long as we kept bait in the water. Every 10 minutes or so I’d throw a handful of pilchards out to concentrate the fish and keep them in a feeding frenzy. One of the things my fishing clients always are amazed at is how large the fish are in the shallow waters of The Everglades. Often, you actually see the fish approach and take your bait! It’s always been one of the best parts of Everglades fishing.

We continued with our game plan and stopped at an old submerged mangrove tree in about 3 ft of water. More times than not, for whatever reason, it usually holds some nice size TripleTail. After a few cast and no luck with live bait we switch to a Rootbeer Riptide Jig that attracted the attention of a Triple Tail (see photo).

Remember, to get the most out of your Everglades fishing charters during the summer months, book them for the early morning. That’s when the fish are actively feeding, and you’ll also beat the afternoon heat.